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Protein Synthesis Service

Benefit from biotechrabbit's experience in Cell-Free Protein Expression.

Rapid and economical process

  • Save time and labor by outsourcing template generation and protein synthesis
  • Services designed to meet the individual needs for every process step from gene to protein
  • Turnaround times can be as low as 10 business days - depending on sequence length and protein

Outstanding flexibility with high success rates

  • Reaction conditions adapted to improving solubility and functionality of individual proteins
  • Synthesis of proteins containing uniform or residue-specific labels for NMR and X-ray structure analyses
  • Site-specific incorporation of biotin or dyes

Single expression or synthesis of protein panels

  • Custom protein expression using prokaryotic or eukaryotic translation systems
  • Expression, purification and testing of a single protein or large protein panels

Two-phase-approach including start-up offer

  • Minimizing cost and risk for higher production scales
  • Phase I:  Evaluation – Competitive price for optimized production set-up including delivery of a test sample
  • Phase II: Upscaling – Price agreement depending on production volume


Contract manufacturing by fermentation (read more)

  • Protein and antibody production (i. e. up to 1 kg antibody)
  • Batch, continuous and high-density fermentation
  • Main production sites in Berlin, plus back-up facilites in Bangkok
  • Customized OEM supply


For further information and price inquiries, please contact biotechrabbit:

Tel:  +49 30-5557821-0
Fax: +49 30-5557821-99


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