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Molecular Biology

  • Standard PCR    Outstanding performance Taq DNA Polymerase, mastermixes and colored enzyme versions for the best results.
  • Hot Start PCR    Hot start enzymes and mastermixes for high sensitivity and specificity of amplification.
  • High Fidelity, Long and GC Rich PCR    Enzymes, mastermixes and enzyme blends for outstanding results in high fidelity, long and GC rich PCR.
  • Reverse Transcription and RT PCR    State of the art enzymes for routine reverse transcription applications; One Step RT PCR Kit for fast results.
  • Real Time PCR & RT-QPCR    A choice of products for qPCR as well as for one step RT qPCR.
  • Cloning related applications    An overview of products for cloning – from PCR to ligation.
  • DNA Electrophoresis    Excellent quality DNA ladders for DNA sizing and approximate quantification on gels.
  • DNA/RNA Isolation    Convenient and economical GenUPTM kits for purification of nucleic acids from variety of sources.

Protein Research

  • Protein Electrophoresis    Prestained protein ladders providing sharp bands for approximate protein sizing on the gels.

Cell-free Protein Synthesis