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Cell-free Protein Synthesis




Cell-free Protein Synthesis Kits

biotechrabbit provides cell-free expression kits for the synthesis of a broad range of proteins for screening, characterization studies, functional assays or structural analysis. The platform uses cell lysates of different origin and it enables scalable in vitro protein expression with unique patented features to generate exceptional high protein yields of up to 6 mg/ml.
Dedicated kits for the expression of functional proteins containing disulfide bonds or post translational modifications are available as well as various supplementary kits for gene template generation, solubility enhancement, additional amino acids or chaperones. Starting from a DNA template, the system enables protein expression with yields ranging from micrograms to tens of milligrams. Start expression from linear or circular template according to your needs.

Expression of different protein classes  
Continuous exchange during cell-free expression (CECF) for yields of up to 6 mg/ml 
Enhanced high-yield (HY) buffer compositions 
Compatible with T7 expression vectors 


Linear Templates and Vectors for Cell-Free Protein Synthesis

biotechrabbit cell-free expression kits can be used with linear templates and expression vectors to produce the proteins of interest. The ability to use linear templates is one of the major advantages of cell-free compared to cell-based expression systems. Linear expression templates can be rapidly generated by PCR, allowing multiple constructs to be screened quickly and easily.
Expression vectors enable protein production to be up-scaled. Either the genes of interest are directly inserted into an expression vector or linear templates are generated first by PCR and subsequently cloned. Protein yields achieved are sufficient for extended functional and structural analysis, or production of labeled proteins for NMR spectroscopic or X-ray crystallographic studies.

Fast PCR-based generation of linear templates 
Rapid expression screening and optimization 
Optimized expression vectors for scaling production up to 6 mg per ml 
Flexible positioning of purification tags