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DNA/RNA Isolation

Pure nucleic acids are essential starting materials for molecular biology methods: gene-expression analyses require pure RNA and genomics methods require pure genomic DNA. The quality of purified RNA or DNA is critical for successful molecular biology.

Of the many manual and automated methods available for RNA and DNA purification, spin-column kits are the most frequently used. These kits provide fast and convenient purification of nucleic acids for all demanding applications.

Qualitative nucleic acid purification kits are used for recovering high amounts of pure material and require little hands-on time. Universal kits allow purification from different sources, including cells, tissues, blood, bacteria and plants. Source-specific kits typically allow higher yields and purity.

biotechrabbit continuously expands its nucleic acid purification portfolio with new universal column-based and source-specific kits.

Please refer to the table below for choosing products according to your needs.


Nucleic Acid Isolation and Clean-up Products Selection Guide



Starting Material

RNA Isolation
GenUP™ Total RNA Mini Kit Universal kit for total RNA isolation from various sources Tissue samples (200 mg)
Eukaryotic cells (5x 106)
Bacterial cells; (5x 109)
DNA Isolation
GenUP™ Plasmid Mini Kit Universal kit for both high and low copy number plasmid purification from different volumes of bacterial culture For high-copy plasmids: 0.5 – 5 ml bacterial suspension
For  low-copy plasmid DNA, (> 5- 10 ml bacterial suspension
GenUP™ gDNA Mini Kit Universal kit for genomic DNA isolation from various eukaryotic starting materials Tissue samples of up to 50 mg
Rodent tail (0.5 – 1 cm)Paraffin samples
Buccal swabs
Eukaryotic cells (max. 5 × 106)
GenUP™ Plant DNA Kit Plant DNA isolation from various materials Fresh, frozen or dry plant material (max 100 mg)
GenUP™ Bacteria gDNA Kit Universal kit for bacterial gDNA extraction from gram+ and gram–cell cultures Up to 1 × 109 bacterial cells
DNA Clean-up    
GenUP™ PCR Cleanup Kit PCR product clean-up Up to 50 µl PCR Mix
GenUP™ PCR/Gel Cleanup Kit PCR product clean-up and DNA extraction from agarose gels TAE or TBE agarose gels (up to 300mg)
PCR reaction mixtures (up to 50 µl)
Virus RNA and DNA Isolation
GenUP™ Virus RNA Kit Viral RNA extraction form various eukaryotic samples Serum, plasma, other cell-free body fluids
Supernatants from cell cultures (150 µl)
Tissues and biopsies (up to 20 mg)
Cell cultures (max. 5 × 106)
Swab  samples
Paraffin samples
GenUP™ Virus DNA/RNA Kit Simultaneous Viral DNA & RNA extraction from eukaryotic samples