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Multiplex PCR

Multiplex PCR enables the amplification of multiple targets in one single PCR experiment using multiple sets of primers. The ability to reduce the number of reactions needed to test a sample for different targets helps saving time and money and therefore makes multiplex systems especially useful when large sample numbers have to be processed.

Multiplex PCR is widely used in biological and medical applications such as genotyping or different DNA testing methods in research, forensic and diagnostic laboratories. Examples of experiments performed using Multiplex PCR are genotyping (deletions, mutations, SNPs), detection and typing of pathogens or GMOs, analysis of satellite DNA (microsatellites, STRs, VNTRs), forensic analysis, food analysis, quantitative and reverse transcription PCR assays for gene expression, and more.

Multiplex Mastermixes contain all components necessary for the reaction and minimize the need for optimization thus making the development and set-up of multiplex PCR assays easy and fast.

Optimized formulation — for successful and robust performance
Universal use — suited for many types of multiplex applications
Hot-start technology — for highest specificity and sensitivity


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  1. 2X Multiplex Hot-Start PCR Master Mix

    2X Multiplex Hot-Start PCR Master Mix

    • Excellent performance and robustness in multiplex PCR
    • Optimized Master Mix for minimal hands-on and fast setup
    • Hot-start for highest sensitivity and specificity
    • Exceptionally pure Hot Start Taq DNA Polymerase and highest quality dNTPs
    • Fast and high-throughput multiplex PCR
    • Parallel detection of multiple targets in a single assay
    • Gene expression analysis, diagnostic and forensic genotyping
    • Amplification of 50 bp to 2 kb targets
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