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Protein Electrophoresis

Denaturing SDS polyacrylamide-gel electrophoresis is the most common technique for protein analysis. Proteins are completely denatured in the presence of SDS, DTT and other reagents and loaded under denaturing conditions in Tris-glycine SDS electrophoresis buffer. Subsequent electrophoresis allows protein size to be determined according to electrophoretic mobility by comparing the sample size to similar sized bands of the protein ladder loaded on the same gel.

High-quality protein ladder allows approximate molecular weight determination for denatured proteins as well as monitoring of the electrophoresis process and the efficiency of the western transfer. Prestained protein ladders, however, are not used for precise protein molecular weight determination due to dyes bound to ladder proteins.

Prestained Protein Ladder Selection Guide
Product Range, kDa
Bands Applications Features
TriColor Broad Protein Ladder  3.5 - 245  13
  • Approximate protein sizing on SDS PAGE and Western Blots.
  • Monitoring protein gel electrophoresis and Western transfers
  • Ready to use Prestained Protein Ladders for approximate protein sizing
  • Pure and stable - retain sharp bands after 3 months storage at +4 °C
TriColor Protein Ladder  10 - 180  10