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Lyophilized PCR Kits

biotechrabbit Lyo products combine an innovative lyophilization process with high-quality enzymes and well established buffer or ReadyMix compositions. Top performance in molecular biology or diagnostics applications is ensured. Lyo products are proven to show the same high activity as their liquid equivalents. The freeze-dried enzymes avoid the need for a cool chain, leading to considerable cost savings during shipment and storage. Covering the whole workflow from enzyme production, ReadyMix development and lyophilization, biotechrabbit is the partner of choice for supplying molecular biology enzymes, reagents and mixes to diagnostics and life sciences.

Diagnostic-grade quality — top performance for demanding applications
Economic — no need for cooling during shipment and storage
Robust — innovative formulation for highly stable lyophilisates


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  1. YourTaq™ Hot Start PCR Mix, 2×, lyophilized

    YourTaq™ Hot Start PCR Mix, 2×, lyophilized

    • Stable enzyme and mix for ambient shipment and room-temperature storage
    • Exceptionally pure YourTaq Hot Start DNA Polymerase
    • Optimized Master Mix for increased yield of amplification
    • Resistant to PCR inhibitor carry-over
    • Excellent PCR specificity and sensitivity for a broad range of amplicons
    • Routine and demanding PCR amplification up to 3 kb
    • Suitable for amplification of low target copy number
    • TA cloning
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